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Jeffersonville is your closest option being just 5 minutes away by car.  There are several great restaurants and bars to select from as well as a full line grocer - Hanley's General Store

Our Personal Favorites Include:

Covered bridge.jpg


The town of Johnson is about a 17 minute drive from the house.  Jenna's Coffee House and Moogs Joint are always worth a stop.  

Woolen Mills.jfif


Burlington is about 45 minutes away, major points of interest are the waterfront park and the Church Street Market Place.



If you are visiting in Spring, Summer, or Fall, Stowe is a quick drive away through the world famous Notch Road.  There are over 50 food and beverage facilities to select from in Stowe and the surrounding area.  

Our Personal Favorites Include:

Stowe Down Town.jpg


Morrisville is located between Johnson and Stowe and is roughly 25 minutes from the house.  Breweries such as Lost Nation and Rock Art are great to check out.  

Lost Nation.jfif


One of our favorite Restaurants is the Jericho Café and Tavern, located about 20 minutes away.  If in the area, we also recommend stopping by Palmer Lane for a crème! 

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