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On the Water

Vermont is home to over 800 lakes and rivers.  On this page you will find a couple of our favorite nearby swim and paddle locations.  The best times to visit these spots are summer and fall.  If you are fishing, be sure to obtain a state issued fishing license.  Aside from the lakes, all of the Rivers and Streams are accessed from hiking trails.  So be sure to do some research on trail head location and best point of access.     

Lake Willoughby

Lake Willoughby is referred to as the "Jewel of the Kingdom" by many.  Willoughby is a Glacial Lake that is over 300' deep with crystal clear water.  It is a 1 hour and 20 minute drive from the house, but well worth it.  The campgrounds have boat rentals and it is a great day trip for hiking, swimming, or soaking in some rays. 


Waterbury Reservoir

There are multiple boat launches for the Waterbury Reservoir.  If you need to rent a canoe or kayak, then look for Waterbury Center State Park, roughly 30 minutes from the house.


Green River Resevoir

Green River Reservoir State Park does not have boat rentals and does not allow motor boats.  This is the most remote selection and our personal favorite - best place to see wildlife.


Rivers and Streams

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